The Explorers of the Idea of Truth

The begining to the Truth
aka the time where I ramble for a minute or two

Strange incidents infect the city of Qi. Madmen run the streets, telling of dark things and supposed hearsay. An incident involving the citizenry suddenly becoming feral beasts. spreading an insidious curse in the bars and taverns in the slums. The nobles are in disarray, arguing over what is more important to solve at the moment. And on the horizon, the crusade grows, and the world looms closer to holy war with that of the north. In the midst of all of this madness, The Order of Truth sends out a call to all corners of the steadfast, the goal simple. "To all adventurers, a call to arms is sent. The Order of Truth wants your assistance with a new organization formed to solve the true issues that we, the Aeon priests, cannot truly solve by ourselves. Glaives, Nanos, Jacks, come to the City of Qi, where we will wait in the new building found outside, the newly built ‘Hall of Mysteries’, were we will found the Seekers guild, an official branch of the Order of Truth. The opening ceremony will begin on the noon of the 18th of Vernalis. Note: citizenship in the Steadfast is not required. Those from the Beyond are encouraged to entreat our members with info about the distant lands of the Beyond. Being human is also not a requirement. "

One of the noble houses sent their Scion to go and join this order as a way to expand their operations and prestige.

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