A Noble Jack who Hunts With Great Skill.



Might 12

Speed 14

Intellect 12


Rope Trick
I am trained in all tasks regarding rope.

I can deal 1 additonal damage in exchange for 1 speed point if my weapon has a sharp point


Trained in:

  • Dipmlomacy
  • Etiquette
  • Interactions with Nobility
  • Tracking
  • Rope techniques

I am a Noble Jack who Hunts with Great Skill

I am a result of eugenics that my noble family had done so that I may become the perfect patriarch to my family. When they were raising me they had trained me about everything I know about hunting and dealing with others. I was told many times that I am far above my peers in many ways and that due to my breeding, I will always outshine those around me. My faithful companion/sidekick, Gertudle, was always by my side when I was young.

I was sent on this mission by my father, the current patriarch of the family. I am unable to track one of my companions and I have no idea why.


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